Physical Therapy

  • Our Physical Therapist can assess joint range of motion, muscle power, neurological function, motor control and posture to improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance.  Our physical therapists will perform an evaluation and develop a treatment plan designed to ensure each patient gets the most personalized care available.

  • Children that may benefit from physical therapy have diagnoses that would include, but not limited to:

    – Developmental delays
    – Cerebral Palsy Hydrocephalus
    – Spina Bifida
    – Down Syndrome
    – Spinal cord injury
    – Autism
    – Osteogenesis Imperfecta
    – Toe Walking
    – Torticollis
    – Musculoskeletal impairments
    – Coordination difficulties

  • Benefits of Physical Therapy:

    – Promote age-appropriate gross motor skills
    – Prevent/ non-surgically correct deformation
    – Increase range of motion and strength
    – Return to recreational and sport activities
    – Increase independence in school and home
    – Elicit positioning to improve functional level
    – Recommend and train in the use of orthotics, adaptive equipment, and assistive technology
    – Educate families with regard to the disease or disorder and provide activities to assist the child to improve function.