• Susan Cook


    Susan started Activekidz in 2001, out of a convictions to be a help to society.  She has seen hundreds of children in the practice feels that they have blessed her way beyond what she can do for them.

    The families that Susan has partnered with, to help their children to enjoy the very basic skills of life, have given her such joy.  The small triumphs of a child taking their first steps or rolling over for the very first time are priceless.  Susan gets to share in these moments, and that joy can’t be replaced.

    Susan is married to the love of her life, Kendall, and they have two beautiful daughters, Delaney and Nealie.

  • Susan and Kendall

    Kendall and Susan Cook

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  • Our Mission

    To provide state of the art, compassionate therapy services for patients who have a variety of orthopedic, neurological, and developmental needs, with a focus on functional outcomes.

    To provide these services in environments that are naturally occurring, yet structured for success.

    To provide opportunities for patients to practice skills in a safe, therapeutic environment so that transfer of skills across multiple environments is possible.

    To recognize the support system as an integral part of therapeutic services for patients, with a focus on collaborative education.

    Our Philosophy

    • We believe that all patients are valuable, integral members of our community.

    • We believe all patients should learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

    • We believe in the power of support and that support systems provide powerful influence in the patient’s development.

    • We believe that each personal interaction with a patient is a learning experience for, not only the patients, but the therapists, parents, and care givers alike. Each patient should be given the support needed to actualize their personal goals.

    • We believe patients with disabilities learn best from their peers.

    • We believe every patient can learn in the least restrictive environment.

    • We believe in providing opportunities for patients with disabilities to participate in successful activities that promote optimal growth and development.