Our facilities have seven dedicated services
  • We will work in partnership with you to determine the best treatment for your child

  • It is our goal to assist children, as well as their family, by providing the tools necessary to maximize their strengths and to overcome their challenges.

    • Physical Therapy
      Our Physical Therapists will develop a treatment plan designed to ensure that your child gets the most personalized care available.
    • Occupational Therapy
      Our Occupational Therapists will focus on the development or regaining of skills that are needed for activities of daily living.
    • Speech, Language and Swallowing Therapy
      Our Speech-Language Pathologists focus on the development or regaining of communication skills.
    • Equipment Needs
      All therapists at Activekidz can assist in getting the necessary equipment for your child.
    • Sensory Processing
      At Activekidz, our therapists understand the sensory processing issues that children with special needs may have.
    • Beckman Oral Motor Program
      Our specialized therapists can help facilitate both speech production and feeding skills.
    • Neurodevelopment Treatment (NDT)
      NDT treatment will focus on postures and movements that impact functions and assist with relearning postural holding and movement within function.
    • Custom Splinting (Watkinsville Location)