What others are saying about Activekidz

  • My child has come so far. Before we came to Activekidz, our 2 year old child couldn't walk. Within a couple months, he took his first steps. I have never been so proud.​
    A. Rodriguez
  • Susan has worked with Makenzi since she was seven months old. She helped Makenzi learn to rollover, sit up, crawl and walk. We owe so much of Makenzi's progress to Susan's hard work. She is more than our PT, she is our friend.
    K. Conley
  • For the past five years my daughter has been working with Susan, a PT from Activekidz. Susan works hard with my daughter, every week, so that she can succeed in everyday skills. Our daughter is always excited to try the steps Susan is teaching her. Our family is very thankful for Activekidz.
    T. Hewatt
  • As a grandparent with two special needs kids, I can honestly say Activekidz has been a life saver in our family. If someone in your family is in need of a PT or OT, I can tell you that Activekidz will provide you with excellent quality care in your home environment, that will exceed all of your expectations!
    J. Corriher
  • My daughter has CP and works twice a week with Susan. She absolutely loves Susan and has improved remarkably since working with her. I know that Susan truly cares for my child. We have been through many PTs in the past, but have never been as pleased as we are now. Activekidz has given us excellent therapy with a personal touch.
    B. Rhodes
  • My 10 year old has been a patient of Beth for about a year now. My son has cerebral palsy and Beth works with him on his balance, walking, stretching and fine motor skills. We drive all the way from Covington every week, for therapy, and it is worth the drive every time.
    S. Gilbert
  • Kelly has been an answer to prayer for the needs we have had. We are so grateful for her and her expertise. She truly understands what our son is experiencing and has the ability to help him work through the difficulties She also helps my husband and I know how to support him, as needed. We are thankful for ActiveKidz and what they do for the families they serve!
    D. Boothe
  • Praises to ActiveKidz. We love our OT, Jennifer, so much. We have made her a part of our family. I couldn't ask for a better, loving person to have in our home to help our son. She has been such a blessing to us and our son loves her so much. She is a awesome OT that has such a kind heart.
    Boyer Family
  • We love Sara! She is the best and our son absolutely adores her! She is always very informative and always willing to listen to our concerns, without us feeling like we are being rushed out! We appreciate everything she has done for our sweet little boy. Her impact has been amazing in his progress!
    B. Thompson
  • My adopted son has been receiving therapy from Activekidz Therapy since he was just a few months old. We began our therapy with PT with Susan. My son was delayed in areas of rolling over and crawling. It was such a wonderful experience. We started OT a year ago to help with some sensory and behavioral problems we were starting to have. Our therapist, Jennifer, has been a life saver. She has helped to understand my child. I now feel like I know why he behaves in the way he does. I highly recommend ActiveKidz Therapy. It is such a warm environment and you defiantly know that they all love your child and truly want to make a difference in their life.
    Stephanie P.
  • My daughter has seen occupational therapists since she was five months old...that is over 14 years! We have liked them all, but we LOVE Jennifer! She visits our home once a week and has become like a member of our family. She works on independent living goals, such as, cooking, washing clothes, flat ironing hair and academic goals, such as, keyboarding, memory, and reasoning. Our daughter knows that Jennifer is "on her team", always cheering her on. She is willing to take on whatever we throw at her, from a 4 year brother who wants to play every game, to taste testing breakfast. As a mom, I find her help to be priceless. She has gotten my teenager to do things, and develop skills, that I never could. She is just the best!
    K. Conley